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11 reasons why snow fungus is a miracle food



Have you heard of the benefits of snow fungus? Snow Fungus is commonly grown in Asian subtropical and tropical regions such as Taiwan, China and Japan. Cultivation of snow fungus began around 19th century in China. New mass cultivation techniques began in the 1960s, leading to excellent quantity production, in many forms, made readily available for the mass market. In the past, snow fungus is only for the Royalty and the affluent.  

Health benefits of Snow Fungus

Snow Fungus is rich in iron, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. The Jelly and gum-like protein is a great food supplement that brings many benefits to the body. The benefits of snow fungus are also extended to a clear and healthy complexion.
Try boiling white fungus with rock sugar, regular consumption lubricates the colon and promotes peristalsis, which is a mild laxative for constipation patients. 

Widespread health benefits of Snow Fungus

Atherosclerosis and high cholesterol

In Japan, health practitioners used snow fungus to prevent atherosclerosis, a condition when fats harden into plaques within the heart arteries, by lowering total blood cholesterol levels. Researches on snow fungus, its polysaccharides content as infection-fighters, help maintain cholesterol levels in healthy levels. 


Clinical studies in human cells have found that the mucilage-like polysaccharides found in snow fungus fit like keys into receptor sites on some immune cells. Snow fungus also improves the effectiveness of antibodies. Also, snow fungus reduces the speed at which cancers spread.

Healthy Skin

Since our grandmothers’ time, benefits of snow fungus has made it ‘consumable skincare ‘due to its ability to boost skin hydration. The Snow fungus can also create a flexible hydration film that helps restore dry skin to its optimal hydration. Rich in amino acids, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Snow Fungus promotes wound healing, collagen production for plumper skin and promotes skin health.

beauty benefits of snow fungus is a smooth and glowing complexion

Energy Boost

Fatigue is caused by stress (physical and psychological). Polysaccharides and other antioxidants found in snow fungus build strength in skeletal muscles. Benefits of snow fungus include maintenance of the liver
‘s functions and prevents fatigue. 

Immune Boosting

Polysaccharides in Snow Fungus have potent immune-boosting qualities. This fungus improves interferon and interleukin secretion, components that provoke the manufacture of germ consuming macrophages.
Snow Fungus boosts the prowess of NK (natural killer) cells, a type of white blood cell that safeguards the body from viruses and improves the immune system. In TCM, Snow Fungus is especially useful for older people with a weakened respiratory system, and dry coughs. 

Brain Boosting

 Snow Fungus gelatinous structure is similar to the brain, and regular consumption protects it. Snow Fungus offers neuro-protective and neurotrophic protection, which help to prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Manage diabetes

Snow Fungus helps glucose disposal, improving glucose tolerance and systemic insulin sensitivity without affecting body weight. It is a potential oral hypoglycemic agent. 

Treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Snow Fungus prevents and can benefit neuro-degenerative condition such as Alzheimer’s, by improving neurite growth and neutralise the neuro-toxic effect that causes Alzheimer.

Promotes Skin Health 

Benefits of snow fungus brings hydration to the skin; it helps keep wrinkles at bay by encouraging your skin to retain more moisture and smoothing the skin’s surface. The increased elasticity is likely what makes snow fungus is so popular over the years. when hydration is excellent; naturally, both anti-ageing effects make it a rising star as a skincare ingredient.

Reduces Inflammation

Snow fungus is good news for people with sensitive skin as snow fungus can break down free radicals in the skin and calms inflammation. Most skin types easily tolerate this fungus compared to more potent chemicals in other beauty products.

Promotes healing

Snow mushroom encourages cell growth, promotes wound healing. Regular consumption of snow fungus fulfils the demands of vitamin D required by the body it also makes skin abrasions, acne scars to heal faster.

Traditional uses and benefits of Snow Fungus



  • Its dietary fibre and helps to nourish lungs, kidneys and stomach.
  • It is beneficial for the skin. It makes the skin soft and moist. It promotes better skin texture, and even skin tone improves the skin tone.
  • It strengthens the bones and helps to maintain an ideal weight.
  •  It prevents the growth of tumours.
  •  For a patient undergoing chemotherapy, you prevent unnecessary loss of white blood cells.
  • It protects the lungs and liver and reduces bad cholesterol. 
  • It heals atherosclerosis.
  • It helps to calm swelling and irritation.
  • It reduces wrinkles hyperpigmentation and lightens acne scars.
  • It promotes beauty and skin healthy.
  • TCM has used it to cure coughs and heart palpitation, stabilising moods and the nervous system
  • It lowers high blood pressure and prevents cancerous growth.
  • Health practitioners in Japan promote the consumption of snow fungus for a healthy heart. 
  •  Snow Fungus is often used in sweet Chinese dessert soups with red dates and dried longans and other ingredients. 
  • It can be consumed as a drink and as ice cream.
  • It is now widespread in some savoury salads from the northern part of China. 

Different Uses Snow Fungus

 We can use Snow fungus in many ways, from using it to make topical cream or consuming it as a food supplement. The only hindrance to consuming snow fungus regularly is finding the time boil it. It has to soak in water for two hours before cooking it for at least 30 minutes.

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Our grandmothers cannot be wrong about snow fungus, it is a god’s gift of nature for health and beauty. However, snow fungus is not a medication that gives instant results, and instead, it’s a long term beneficiary food supplement.