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Embrace Your Skin With Sunscreen 

A lot of people here are looking for the best sunscreen in Singapore, why? because we are sunny almost all year round ( except for the rainy days) Sunlight contains UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) radiation; the sun emits these two types of rays and reaches our skin. Both types damage unprotected skin in their destructive ways. 

UVA: This has a long wavelength and holds 95% reaching the earth and our skin. They are present every single day, all year round. It can also penetrate glass, even on rainy or cloudy days. 
These rays rapidly speed the ageing process, causing the skin to increase wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, crippled skin texture and damaging skin cells. They are also the leading cause of skin cancer. 
UVB: This is a short wavelength. UVB does not penetrate or is exposed to the skin as much as UVA; however, it is potent and damaging on unprotected skin. These rays are present all year round but more dominant in hot climates and higher altitudes. 
Did you know UVB rays are reflected from sand, water and snow (80%)? It is mainly responsible for superficial sunburn and skin damage, causing pigmentation issues, peeling and flaking. It can trigger tyrosinase production, melasma and cancer cells.
Blue light: The best sunscreen in Singapore needs a need kind of consideration, there is now another type of ultraviolet radiation, a modern one. It has a short wavelength but high amounts of damaging energy. These rays are released from our computers, cell phones, television, LED lighting, the sun- which we are all exposed to for hours every day. 
This form of radiation may penetrate the skin, break down collagen and cause free radical damage.
Above, we can see how damaging UV damage can be on our skin. Therefore, we must protect our skin every day with only the best SPF in Singapore. 

                                                                                                                                               (1) GUINOT AGE SUN SUMMUM ANTI-AGEING SUN FACE CREAM SPF50- $118 ( 50ml)
Guinot Sunscreen with summumFight ageing with sunscreen.
Guinot Age Sun Summum is a high protection formula with complete protection against UV damage. It protects the skin from blue light and slows down melanin production. It fights against premature ageing, leaving the skin look healthy. Fiftysix active ingredients, exactly the same formula that exist in Guinot’s renowned Longue Vie series rejuvenate the skin simultaneously, helping to avoid the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, burning and discolouration. Suitable for all skin type, apply both indoor and outdoor. Age Sun Summum is the SPF product containing GUINOT’s latest patented ingredient Summum, also known as the perfect moisturiser. Feel and see your skin looking soft, smooth and luminous. This is indeed the best sunscreen in Singapore, absorbs quickly and non sticky.

Guinot Newhite Sunscreen by Singapore home skincareFight pigmentation with sunscreen. 
This product is a brightening high protection sunscreen. It is formulated with Melanoxyl and stabilized vitamin C to reduce sunspots. Vitamin C with sunscreen increases the efficacy of vitamin C for the skin. This antioxidant stimulates collagen and elastin. It evens out skin tone with encapsulated unifying pigments. The UV filters protect the skin from ultraviolet damage, leaving the skin nourished & healthy. Suitable for all skin types, apply it both indoors and outdoors. Not suitable for swimming and extreme sports. 
SPF should be applied every day and reapplied throughout the day for optimal protection. We recommend starting as young as 10 years old to apply sunscreen before leaving home. Protect, enhance and embrace your skin with sunscreen.
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