The name “Jyunka” in Japanese means “pure essence”. Jyunka Products M+ is vitamin C in the purest form. Jyunka International was founded in 2008 and since achieved the ‘cult’ status in the beauty industry , confidence and integrity to the mass market and beauty to women. Jyunka products have also won numerous awards in the skin care industry, a well-recognised name among skin doctors, aestheticians, Singapore’s best facial salons, beauticians and consumers alike.

Our skin does not normally absorb or retain vitamin C, so it has little effect as a component in most products. But in Jyunka, the vitamin C has been encapsulated, and by utilizing the patented Qu-some delivery system, allows the skin to immediately absorb it.

The fluid will work actively for up to 12 hours, and the anti acne and anti-aging effects of one application last up to three days. Imagine the amazing results from daily use!

Using Jyunka products with Bt-Micro™ Skin Care product can achieve synergistic results!

Not only is Jyunka retailing as the Best Skin Care products in Singapores Best Salons and Spas, Jyunka is also being sold on Singapore Airlines Krisshop!

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