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Embrace Your Skin With Sunscreen

Embrace Your Skin With Sunscreen  A lot of people here are looking for the best sunscreen in Singapore, why? because we are sunny almost all year round ( except for the rainy days) Sunlight contains UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) radiation; the sun emits these two types of rays and reaches our skin. […]

Guinot Age Summum Cream: The Answer To Reverse-ageing

Guinot Age Summun Cream Singapore home Skin Care

Guinot Age Summum Cream: The Answer To Reverse-ageing It has been well-said that time certainly does not wait for anyone. As months turn into years, the effects of time insidiously appear on the body of the person. Being silent at the onset is a fascinating thing about ageing. One cannot by themselves feel the effects […]

Why More Prefer To Buy Best Skincare in Singapore Online

Why More Prefer To Buy Best Skincare in Singapore Online More and more people choose to buy the best skincare in Singapore online, with covid-19 restrictions in place more people are avoiding the crowded stores. It is a fact that cosmetic sales have gone down since masking is compulsory, Skincare sales have gone quite the […]

How To Lighten Acne Scars and Achieve Radiance

Guinot beaute nerve cream helps to lighten acne scars and promotes radiancy.

How To Lighten Scars and Achieve Radiance  Acne Scars tell the tales of our lives … our journeys, our mishaps, our battles, as well as our discomforts. However, in some cases, scaring can invite unwanted questions and disrupt your self-confidence. Injuries, acne, and sun damage frequently cause scaring, in lighter cases just discolouration and in […]

JYUNKA Sleep Repair Review

JYUNKA Sleep Repair Review Jyunka is a fashionista skincare brand known for their quality products, and they do not create new products for its sake. Every one of their products went through rigorous test and trials. JYUNKA’s core product, M+Fluid the vitamin C elixir has been in the market for 12 years, despite the whopping […]

The Magic of White Truffles in Skincare

White Truffles are expensive since they’re rare, difficult to grow and brief life span. They typically range from grape-to pear-sized, any bigger will be a windfall for the truffle hunters and their working pigs or dogs.  There are six benefits of truffles that may surprise you.  Rich in Important Nutrients. Truffles boast an excellent nutrient […]

11 Reasons Why Snow Fungus Is A Miracle Food

11 Reasons Why Snow Fungus Is A Miracle Food

11 reasons why snow fungus is a miracle food   History Have you heard of the benefits of snow fungus? Snow Fungus is commonly grown in Asian subtropical and tropical regions such as Taiwan, China and Japan. Cultivation of snow fungus began around 19th century in China. New mass cultivation techniques began in the 1960s, […]

5 Terrific Ways To Lower Blood Pressure with one Excellent Fruit

Have you had your dose of lycopene today? If you had eaten a garden salad with fresh sliced tomatoes, then you have done your body good with a healthy dosage of this powerful antioxidant, you have also taken a considerable action towards decreasing your blood pressure. A current double-blind research study conducted in Israel has […]


低强度激光疗法起源于1967年。当时,Dr Endre Mester 利用老鼠进行实验,打算研究低强度激光是否会导致癌症。实验结果发现,被剃去毛发的老鼠在长时间照射低强度的红色激光后,不但没有出现癌症,他们的毛发比照组生长得更快更密。 其后,低强度激光疗法日益受到医学界重视,目前在全球的医学期刊中,有低强度激光的研究报告已经超过4000份,为此疗法的功效及安全性提供了坚实的数据。至今,在各种病症的治疗上,低强度激光已经发展成一种相当成熟的治疗方法。 低强度激光疗法原理 低强度激光的能量远低于手术切除用的激光,使用者不会觉得有温热或不适感,故又被称为“柔激光”或“冷激光”。低强度激光的生物效应,归因于他对于细胞的“光生物调节作用”(photobiomodulation),包括:“粒线体”(mitochondria)又名为细胞发电厂的活化;细胞内(细胞内的能量来源)产量的增加。钙离子的通道和打通等,结果是细胞变得更有活力。研究发现,低强度激光更可调节多种生长因子(growth factors)及细胞素(cytokines)的产生,并提升正常细胞如血管内皮细胞的功能,有助维持身体的正常生理活动。 临床应用 基于上述的光生物调节作用,低强度激光适用于一系列的病症,包括骨关节炎,类风湿关节炎,胫骨劳损(腕管综合症,网球肘,悲痛等),伤口愈合,缺血性心脏病,缺血性中凤,老人痴呆症(脑退化症),帕金逊氏症等,相关应用更已得到多方面的临床研究支持。 临床上,我们只要透过观察微红管的微循环改善,特别是红血球功能的上升,便可以很轻松的观察到低强度激光的功效。血液中,约一半的体积是红血球所占据。红血球内,血红素(hemoglobin)占95%,负责将肺部的氧气运送全身。血液由血光传送,经过”微血管(微循环)”进入并供应全身的组织及器官。因此,有了健康的红血球,及畅通无阻的微循环,身体的氧气及营养供应才会足够。 正常红血球平均直径7.6微米(um),厚度2微米(um),呈红色圆盘状,边缘光滑,两面内凹,形成透亮区,大小均一,互不粘连。利用高解像显微镜,可看清楚红血球的健康状态。 低强度激光疗法日益受到医学界重视, 如果想要更了解我们的健康手握式仪器及免费试试一个活生机疗程,请拨(+65)9145 5880联络我们。

Award Winner – Jyunka Blanc Whitening Serum

Women’s Weekly ‘Best Beauty Buys’  Winner – Jyunka Blanc Whitening Serum Jyunka Blanc Whitening Serum has emerged as winner for ‘Best Beauty Buys 2017’ in Women’s Weekly magazine. Selected as the best spot corrector, Jyunka Blanc Whitening Serum has proven that it is value for money with the whitening effect that is clearly visible in […]

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Solution As the temperatures drastically go down during winter, so does your skin moisture. Last year, many of our customers in US, UK and other parts of Europe endured the wretched polar vortex. And when the cold went painfully frigid, our skins went seriously downhill. The previous year, the same. It’s a cycle […]

Face Cream for Dry Skin

How To Treat Dry Skin With Face Creams There is no doubt that dry skin is a common problem, especially for those who have very few numbers of sebaceous glands. These glands help in oil production and keep the skin moist and bright. They also make it look soft and supple. However, the sebaceous glands […]

Skin Care Routine

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine Do you give your skin the attention it requires? A smart skin care routine is very crucial for your skin to leave you healthy all day long. This will prevent you from dangerous infections that may bring about health complications. To achieve the best skin care, we at Singapore Home […]

Beauty Products Online

Why buy beauty products online from Singapore home skin care? When you need to buy beauty products online, our Singapore Home Skin Care website is a one stop service for all your skin care needs, from skin care beauty training to everyday use quality products.. When you do understand the kind of beauty products that we offer, […]