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Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin, which causes it to become dry, scaly, blistered, sore, cracked and red. It is triggered by the skin coming into contact with an allergen, and most commonly occurs on the face and hands.
Dermatitis is a term that can be used to describe a number of dry skin conditions, including atopic eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and contact dermatitis. In each of these cases, the skin is compromised due to a reaction to an external or internal factor, and stops retaining moisture in the way that healthy skin does.
Dermatitis Causes & Triggersskin dermatitis eczema
The lack of natural moisture in the skin makes the skin cells less plump, and gaps start to appear between the cells. This degradation of the skins protective barrier means that allergens and bacteria can enter the skin and cause further inflammation and infection.
It is thought that 80% of cases of dermatitis are caused by contact with a substance that irritates or damages the skin, and 20% of cases are caused by allergens provoking the immune system to react.
In many cases, it may be possible to identify your own personal triggers of dermatitis. This could range from reactions to latex/washing up gloves, detergents, certain metals or coins, pet hair, cleaning products and skincare products. If you are able to identify a clear cause, then the simplest way to limit symptoms is to avoid these triggers.
Dermatitis Treatments
Unfortunately, some cases are not so clear-cut, and you may be allergic to a wide spectrum of allergens that may be harder to identify and to avoid. In these cases, GPs will typically prescribe treatments for dermatitis such as cortisones, emollients and steroids in an attempt to eradicate the symptoms.
Salcura have created a long-term solution for dermatitis sufferers that is natural and contains no steroids, cortisones or emollient based products.