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Why is Guinot one of the preferred brands in UK?

Guinot is a French line of cosmetics that was founded by a chemical engineer, Mr. Rene Guinot in 1963. Guinot places an emphasis on product innovation and expansion, resulting in a state of the art product line which never forgets its luxurious beginnings. Guinot has consistently led the charge in skin care internationally, from game changing techniques and technology, to maintaining the most stringent high standards in the processes involved in developing and manufacturing their products. Guinot’s laboratories are one of the few cosmetics manufacturing establishments in the whole world to have been certified to the highest-quality standard by the international-certification group Bureau Veritas, ISO22716. This helps to ensure that their customers are getting are receiving the best from their skin care, whether it be a professional treatment or while performing their at home regime.
Guinot products take advantage of a now well-known hydradermie treatment (aids in the hydration of the skin). These “top-quality” body and face products incorporate a wide range of essential oils, vitamins and natural plant extracts which focus on natural beauty and anti-aging. There are also a wide variety of Guinot products available to help consumers with the common skin dilemmas like pale complexions fine lines and dry skin.Hydradermie lifting machine
Guinot provides a wide variety of skin-care treatments that are available to both women and men. Today, Guinot treatments place the skin therapists in the role of prescriber. The skin care facial therapist uses Guinot products alongside a beauty machine in UK, in a treatment that is known as Hydradermie which was developed from the original Guinot invention in 1963. Hydradermie oxygenates regenerates and deep cleanses the skin and regular treatments provide immediate and long-lasting results: they enhance hydration of dry skin, reduce average wrinkle depth in lined skin and reduce sebum levels in oily skin. Guinot reviews have been great!
The facial uses the Hydradermie lifting machine, plant extracts and manual massage to restore the natural beauty of the skin. After analysing the skin of the client, the Guinot skin care therapist customises the products used to treat dry/normal, mature, oily, dehydrated, hyper-pigmented or sensitive skin. Once the skin is gently exfoliated and cleansed, the skin care therapist applies the gels that are carefully selected and uses mild-galvanic current to help the active ingredients in the Guinot products penetrate deep in to the skin to remove toxins and impurities. High-frequency action is then used to create an antiseptic effect and oxygenate the skin. A touch of moisturiser for the face, neck and eye contour neck concludes the treatment.
Another Guinot treatment that uses a machine is Hydraclean treatment which uses a patented Thermoclean Electrode to remove excess oil and toxins from the skin, paying particular attention to the TR-zone. The benefits of the treatment include deep hydration, deep cleansing and increased radiance. Some of the other treatments that are provided by Guinot include Beaute Neuve, Liftosome, Aromatic, HydraClean, Technispa and Aromatic Corps. Many of Guinot’s beauty machines and skin care products are used by professional beauty facial salons in the UK. We sell gently used beauty machines at low prices, lowering the startup costs for new beauty salon businesses.  Contact us now!