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How To Lighten Scars and Achieve Radiance 

Acne Scars tell the tales of our lives … our journeys, our mishaps, our battles, as well as our discomforts. However, in some cases, scaring can invite unwanted questions and disrupt your self-confidence. Injuries, acne, and sun damage frequently cause scaring, in lighter cases just discolouration and in worse cases pitted scars.
Many think they have to live with their scars for life; some have no idea what to do with it. The great news is that there are convenient, gentle ways to discolour them away, such as fruit acid creams and gentle exfoliation that reveal fresh skin below. These are several useful methods for fading old scars and stopping brand-new ones from becoming more visible. 

Exfoliate regularly

Guinot Biological PeelIndividuals with acne scarring and discolouration must exfoliate their skin to eliminate dead skin cells and promote re-growth of skin. It can be peel, scrub, brush or even loofah. There are so many forms of exfoliation available. 
Moisturise with Guinot Beaute Nerve Cream 
Guinot beaute nerve cream helps to lighten acne scars and promotes radiancy.Guinot Beaute Neuve Cream is a complexion renewal treatment cream made of gentle fruit acid and Vitamin C, delicately sloughing off dead skin and keratin waste to reveal radiance. Regular use can lighten scars; Beaute Nerve cream comes in nice texture for all skin types that require skin renewal.
Reveal the luminosity and radiance for dull skin, safe and effective for day and night use. There is a light natural fruity scent to it. 
There are also some treatments you can check out.

Milk, Glycolic or Chemical Peels 

 Skin Peels can come in forms of AHA, BHA or Lactic Acid, made available in 20%, 50% and as strong as 70%. Peels are used to treat persistent, deep scars and are provided by the aesthetic doctors or salons. There is also an epidermal peel kit that you can do at home. 
Peels remove the top layers of dead keratin and dead skin cells. It is also used to treat dark spots, droopy contours, wrinkles and acne. 


 MicroDermabrasion is typically done with a professional machine, with a rough tipped pen that the therapist runs over the face. Although the treatment is relatively painless, some people experience swelling and reddening of the skin afterwards. A variant of this procedure is called dermaplaning, in which a razor-like tool is utilized to skim off the skin’s surface area layer.


There is the medical-grade of lasers available at the aesthetics clinics. Beams lasered in measured depth can disperse pigments and break down scar tissues without harming the healthy skin around it. However, it is costly and only meant for those with bottomless pockets. 

Compulsory Sunscreen

Whichever treatment one opt for, it’s always important to wear sunblock, especially in tropical Singapore. The sun causes marks darker and minimizes the efficiency of the fade therapy you’re seeking.
Acne scar lightening should be part of a good care routine, and you have to be diligent to work on it to see results.