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Jyunka Cell Essence SupplementJYUNKA Cell Essence Supplement

Don’t like the stickiness after application of facial products? Too lazy to commit to the daily application of serums/moisturizer? Introducing our JYUNKA Cell Essence supplement which you consume and yet works the same from the inside out or even better!
Why do I say so?
Jyunka Cell Essence is a unique formulation developed after rigorous research. Utilizing the latest technology, the purest essences of Placenta is extracted and concentrated. Clinical trials in a hospital have reported effective rejuvenation, cellular regeneration and anti-ageing.
With added active cellular material, placenta and Collaglaxan™ to activate natural cellular repair and regeneration. This intensely nourishes the body system to achieve health and beauty benefits.
I know the pain of having to deal with facial problems like dry skin, pimple scars and dark spots; it can also be stressful having to decide what products to use or to get. For myself, I am very picky about the products that I used on my face as I don’t particularly appreciate having greasy or stickiness on my face. Hence, I try to avoid any cream or facial products. However, after using JYUNKA Cell Essence as a supplement, I have seen many improvements in both my skin and health! Pigmentation and dark spots were lightened, my skin feels brighter, and my complexion has improved! Besides, my body also feel more energised!
Check out this amazing supplement for yourself today!
Since 2020, Jyunka Cell essence has upgraded their cell essence formula into New JYUNKA Placenta Plus, which contains 18% more active ingredients resulting in EVEN more obvious beauty and health benefits. 
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