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JYUNKA Sleep Repair Review

Jyunka Sleep RepairJyunka is a fashionista skincare brand known for their quality products, and they do not create new products for its sake. Every one of their products went through rigorous test and trials. JYUNKA’s core product, M+Fluid the vitamin C elixir has been in the market for 12 years, despite the whopping price tag of $344, it has been their best seller since the brand’s launch. Jyunka sleep repair was launch in 2020 amidst anticipation, and orders are brisk at Singapore home Skin Care. Here is our Jyunka Sleep Repair Review of the product for those wondering whether the price tag of $290 worth its weight.
Firstly let’s look at the ingredients :


White truffle is hard to grow and has short lifespans, making it one of the most exclusive and rare active skincare ingredients globally.
White truffles are high in vitamin C, even up the skin tone, lightening dark areas and hyperpigmentation. They’re additionally high in B vitamins which keep ret
JYUNKA sleep repair Singapore home skincare.
aining moisture as well as repair skin. Their white truffles are harvested in Italy in limited quantities. White truffles are also famous for its anti-ageing benefits.


Caviar is a treasure from the sea, made from the eggs of the highly valued sturgeon fish. It is a highly nutritional component that revitalises and restructures the skin’s cellular tissues. It contains Omega 3 and 6, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. In skincare products, it helps to repair environmental damage and traps moisture in the skin layers.


Pearl powder is probably the best-known beauty ingredient of the ancient imperial court ladies. It is first known to promote and maintain fairness. Regular use of pearl powder enhances skin’s luminosity and softness.


The SMART active is an anionic polysaccharide that has multiple benefits to the skin. This polysaccharide forms a protective film layer that enhances the skin’s comfort, hydration, smoothness and protection. It also regulates inflammation markers and soothes the skin.

The Packaging
Jyunka sleep repair comes in 50ml size, packaged in an airless pump that requires you to press the top down. It is popular packaging for many skincare brands these days, pretty novel but the round can is pretty bulky. Lucky for us, Jyunka sleep repair comes in 15ml size for travelling or for trying it out.
The Texture
Jyunka Sleep repair is a thick gel-like texture, and there is a glistening of pearl in the gel. There is a light, pleasant smell to it, but nothing overpowering. It spreads quickly over the face.
The Directions
According to the directions, you are supposed to start with a Jyunka serum, and we recommend you to start with the Jyunka Mfluid. Apply a thick layer of Jyunka Sleep repair over the face, estimate to require three product pumps. You are not supposed to use any other cream over the sleep mask.
The Experience
Jyunka Sleep Repair envelop you in its pleasant smell, after 10 mins or so it dries into a semi-clear tight mask over the face. I can feel the skin tightening and know this mask has lifting effects. Honestly, I feel that it is too thick and sticky to sleep in, as it will stain the pillow. I also like my skin to breathe as I sleep. I tried applying it in the evening after my shower and leave it for an hour or two as I go about my business in my habitat. I lightly wipe it off with a wet towel and put on my skincare. You can also go to sleep directly; do not rinse it clean.
The Results
Does it work? !! Yes! The results are undeniable! The skin becomes more relaxed and fairer as if the pearl sinks into the layers. Pores are more refined, and contours are more defined. Some products give you a layer of ‘Fake fair’ but not Jyunka Sleep repair; you can feel the softness and the fairness during the next morning. Like a face treated with ‘tonic”, it looks plumped up and smooth.
The Frequency
How often should you use Jyunka sleep repair? We would recommend 2 or 3 times a week if you have matured and drier skin. Just once a week if you have young skin that wishes to maintain moisture and fairness. Sleep in it as per directions if you wish to find it too thick and sticky, wear it for an hour 2 and wipe off lightly with a damp towel and go to bed.
You will look glorious in the morning!
Jyunka Sleep Repair