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jyunka m+ fluidJyunka M+ Fluid is one of the ‘most serious’ anti-ageing fluid in the skincare scene, you can feel the instant difference at the first application. You can feel the skin gets firmer to touch, eye bags less obvious and same shades fairer. Jyunka always poses the challenge to beauty customers to just apply the elixir to one side of a cleanse face, let it absorb and check with the mirror in 10 mins, one can almost immediately see the difference as described.

What exactly is Jyunka M+ Fluid? It is a vitamin C serum. Well, plenty of vitamin C products in the market, what makes Jyunka Fluid stand apart from the rest? It is pure ascorbic acid … and it is their unique Quesome technology that makes it so powerful. Quesome technology “wraps” the vitamin C molecule like an onion. It releases vitamin C layer by layer into the skin giving the skin optimum absorption, there is some truth when Jyunka claimed that one application can actually last up 72 hours in the skin. M+ Fluid is also lipid-based and not water-based, now what is the Ra Ra about that??

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is very fragile. It oxide easily, light, heat and possibly any exposure within a short length of time destroys it, actually it extremely difficult to encapsulate Vitamin C into a skincare product. Our skin is waterproof (that is why we do not puff up after a shower) and it is impossible for a water-soluble vitamin to penetrate the inner layers of the skin. it is the lipid base that transports the vitamin C into the skin (like from orchard to woodlands, u need to take a bus). The lipid is the Transporter, without it, vitamin C does not go any further than just the superficial epidermis layer of the skin.

Jyunka M+ fluid and miniJyunka by now should be in the market for about 10 years already, M+ Fluid remains the best-selling product among the 5 serums in their range. We the beauticians at Singapore Home Skincare were proud to say we were at the “Birth “of M+ Fluid, yes … like in the delivery room when M+ Fluid was born. Babies are never good looking at birth, we were at the very first inaugural launch where a 5 ml bottle of M+, the miracle fluid was presented to us, just a plain little coloured glass bottle. There was no label, no description …. nothing…. The founder of Jyunka, Ms Jennifer Leng was on the verge of retirement when her friend a Japanese scientist gave this formula to her during one of the trips to Japan. She started applying that product in Japan and after one week upon her return, many of us suspected that she went for some ‘face jobs’ in the land of the rising sun. But she did not do any procedure to her face, it was just the application of M+ Fluid that makes her face tauter with radiance.

So, on that very same launch day, we each went home with a little 5ml bottle of Jyunka M+ miracle fluid. In just 3 short days, we were like wow!!!… Please note that we are beauticians and had experienced many skin care products… but wow!!… M+ Fluid is really a vitamin C powerhouse! We discover it really does reduce fine lines a lot, resulting in smoother foundation application. It effectively lifts the typical shallowness a lot of Asian skin experienced, giving the skin a true Korean “glass” like radiance not induced by cosmetic primer. We were particularly grateful for the effect it has on our eyes, the dark eye circles and “yellow eyelids” are much lighter after about 2 weeks and could leave home without any eye concealer. We know this will be a true seller on www.singaporehomeskincare.com when one day, we caught Esther (the one who answers all your queries on WhatsApp ) talking to her bottle of M+ Fluid…lol…..

Through the years, this iconic product won numerous beauty awards and has its name M+ Miracle Fluid changed to the present name M+ Fluid. A black glass bottle of 30ml is priced at $344 and is certainly every drop is GOLD, try filling a half glass of water and stir in some iodine then drop just one dash of M+ fluid into the solution, the murky iodine instantly turns CLEAR! Clearer than water from the tap. That is how pure ascorbic acid clarifies the skin. No other beauty product can speak for themselves that way.

Is M+ fluid a serum? Not really….  M+ fluid is like a “Generator”, a key that starts the boost of skin health and vitality. It increases the efficacy of the skincare products that follow after its application. By itself, M+ fluid has no moisturising effect, it should be the first product on the face after toner, follow by serum targeting your skin’s concern and seal off with a cream.

Experience miracle on your skin with JYUNKA M+ Fluid today!