Antiac Activ


After your routine morning and evening cleansing, you can use this multi-action and anti-bacterial formula without feeling tight or sticky, even in the humidity in Singapore’s climate as the liquids will be quickly absorbed after spraying. With the fast absorption, the naturally active ingredients in the solution can also go deep into your skin to quickly work on your new cells.

How to Use

After cleaning your skin with our Jyunka 5 in 1 skin cleanser, spray the Antiac Activ onto the affected areas, onto hands or a cotton pad and massage onto your skin until it is mostly absorbed. Use in the morning and evening when necessary.

Follow with a moisturizer such as our Jyunka Hyaluvital Moisturising Cream if you need additional hydration, or try our Bioskin Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser. Apply make-up or other Salcura skincare products as usual.

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Experiencing acne problems not just on your face but also on your body? Salcura’s Antiac Activ is the organic solution that addresses those troubling pimples! It is made with 97% natural ingredients, such as Sea Buckthorn for skin rejuvenation and healing. It also includes rosemary for skin toning and cell regeneration. The addition of Lavender adds aroma on top of having antibacterial and balancing properties.

Antiac Activ is gentle on your skin but also effective. With its hassle-free spray applicator, you can easily apply Antiac Activ on wide areas of the skin without creating a mess. This is especially useful for cutting down the hassle of reaching hard to reach areas such as your back and without the presence of benzoyl peroxide, you can wear your clothes immediately without worrying about bleaching your clothes.

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