Guinot Age Logic Antiageing Face Cream


Guinot Age Logic Cream is also known as the ultimate skin reviver, providing oxygen to skin cells that are depleted. Energises and revitalises tired complexions.
Rejuvenates the contours of the face and softens facial features
Restores the radiance and vitality of a beautiful complexion. Guinot Age logic cream texture is light and suitable as a make base in the day, a good tonic to rejuvenate the skin during your beauty sleep.

It is recommended for skins matured from oiler complexions in younger days. For drier skins, we would highly recommend you to choose Age Nutritive Cream with omega 3 and 6.




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Guinot Age Logic Antiageing Face Cream


Does a good anti-ageing face cream make a difference to your skin care routine?  It certainly does!

Guinot’s Age Logic Face Cream, an advanced, age-defying formula based on an innovative new oxygen bursting formula. It is endorsed to be the best anti-ageing face cream, and it is suitable for all skin types.

Guinot Age Logic Face cream reactivates dull skin cells by supplying them with energizing molecules of oxygen. Skin becomes visibly lifted and more radiant. Effectively smoothes wrinkles and fine lines for a healthy, achieving a healthy glowing complexion for the skin. Use it all year round to reduce the signs of ageing. Comes in size of 50ml


ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate):  Effectively deliver oxygen to the core of cells, ensuring vital cell functions
Actinergie: increases cellular oxygenation through the mitochondria by stimulating their metabolism.
Cellular Life Complex with 56 Active Ingredients: The perfect nutrition formula that  gives the skin vitality

 Vitamins E and C + Anti-glycation agents: The perfect pair of antioxidants in this antiageing face cream, protects and repairs the skin.

Directions for Use :

Take a suitable amount, spread on palm and smoothen the product all over the face. Please ensure the cap if tightly closed to prevent possible product oxidation.

For best results, use Guinot Age Logic Eye Cream together.



Guinot products are formulated and manufactured in accordance with precise, rigorous pharmaceutical standards.
This ISO 22716 certification guarantees the highest manufacturing standards: clean laboratory rooms, monitored pure water, double weighing and the traceability of each Guinot skincare product.


Guinot seeks continuous improvement, ISO 14001 certification is based on continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling the environmental impact resulting from the company’s business.
Guinot’s commitment is twofold: continued progress and regulatory compliance. Anti-aging Face Cream is of the best quality and formulation

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