Guinot Smoothing Body Scrub 400ml


400ml size at only price $68

Scrub away a day grime and dust with Guinot body smoothing scrub. This is a dua action, both a body cleanser and scrub.

Contains natural loofah fibres that slough away dead skin cells, just like a body exfoliant in a spa!

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Do you know why the Korean and Japanese l people have such lovely body skin? How often can you afford the time and money to visit a spa in Singapore to do a full body exfoliation? The answer is all in a bottle of Guinot Smoothing body scrub. This duo action body scrub acts as a body soap and scrub that gently cleanse off the grime and dust of the day.

Guinot gommage facile smoothing body scrub gives you the refreshing feel after a day’s of hard work!


Contains :

Loofa extracts (natural vegetable fibre):    Removes dead skin cells, keratin waste and impurities from the skin’s surface.
Lamesoft:  a gentle body cleaning ingredient from Coconut oil, Corn and Sunflowers extracts:  to smoothen and protects the skin layers
Exfoliating Particles: Polyethylene grains: provide a thorough exfoliating action on the skin that is equivalent to a total body exfoliation in a massage spa.

  • it is a double-action body scrub- both a body cleanser and scrub
  • Deeply cleanse without dryness, preparing the body skin for absorption of body serums and lotions
  • Made of Loofah Fibers to gently exfoliate away rough dead skin without any dryness
  • Convenient  & fast to rinse
  • Leaves body skin soft, smooth, purified & rejuvenated
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • To use: Apply to wet body skin using a circular rubbing motion, rinse to perfect smoothness
  • Regular scrubbing prevents the formation of hyperpigmentation and age spots on the



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Guinot products are formulated and manufactured in accordance with precise, rigorous pharmaceutical standards.
This ISO 22716 certification guarantees the highest manufacturing standards: clean laboratory rooms, monitored pure water, double weighing and the traceability of each product.


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Guinot seeks continuous improvement, ISO 14001 certification is based on continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling the environmental impact resulting from the company’s business.
Guinot’s commitment is twofold: continued progress and regulatory compliance.

This Guinot body scrub is in 400ml size at only price $68

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