Timeless Forever® Infinite Sunscreen is spf 50,  the perfect ” city sunscreen” of light absorbent, non-sticky texture for your skin’s protection, health and beauty.

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The only sun protection you will ever need for optimal daily protection.

What set Timeless Forever Infinite sunscreen apart from any other sunscreen in the market? The answer is BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION.


Timeless Forever Infinite Sunscreen

Blue light is omnipresent. It used to be only from the sun. Modern technologies have brought it indoor in various forms of digital gadget’s screens of our smartphones, computers, electronic devices, LED and fluorescent lighting. There is clinical proof that blue light is responsible for skin oxidation, ageing, worsen hyperpigmentation and irritation as it can penetrate deeper than UVA and UVB into skin layers.

SPF denotes sun protection factor, determine the sunscreen’s capacity to protect your skin from the sun. It is skin dermatologist’s advise to use a sunscreen at least SPF 30, although optimally at SPF 50.

UVA rays are of a longer wavelength while UVB is of a shorter one. UVA goes beyond the skin’s superficial layers, causing premature ageing, skin discolouration, and even skin cancer. UVB is the heat we can feel from the sun and makes our skin burn.

Timeless Forever® – Infinite Sunscreen is BOTH a Sunscreen and beauty primer in one. Daily Infinite sunscreen usage prevents UV rays and Blue Light (HEV) from damaging the skin and protecting against sunburn, pollution and free radicals. You will experience noticeable improvement to skin moisture levels and skin whitening in just 14 days.

Timeless Forever Infinite Sunscreen contains the brand’s patented ingredient, as in Timeless Forever Infinite White, the great heirloom white tomato as well as a combination of skin-benefiting actives:


Derived from great heirloom tomatoes, White Tomato Extract Repels UVA/UVB radiations; shields cells and tissues from oxidative cytotoxicity, boosting cell feasibility back to its original undamaged levels. Prevents irritation and skin issues flaring up, enhances skin brightness and reduces pigmentation for unified skin tone.


Boost Skin Barrier delays premature signs of ageing by protecting the skin from photo-damage and oxidative stress caused by Blue light.


Extract abundant in Anti-Oxidants prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


Traps and retain moisture levels in skin layers. Ceramosides prevents moisture loss, resulting in a radiant luminous glow. It also helps to minimise pores gives the complexion a smooth appearance.


Effective calms skin and prevents flareup, making Timeless Forever Sunscreen suitable for sensitive skins, except people who are allergic to listed ingredients.


Timeless Forever® Infinite Sunscreen is the perfect ” city sunscreen” of light absorbent, non-sticky texture for your skin’s protection, health and beauty.


Timeless Forever Infinite Sunscreen



Direction for use
Squeeze a suitable amount onto your palm, spread evenly over the entire face to ensure full coverage. Reapply when needed.

Timeless Forever® Infinite Sunscreen is developed and manufactured in Singapore.



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