Timeless Forever® Infinite White



Timeless Forever® Infinite White is the pride of Singapore. Powerful antioxidant with abundant health and beauty benefits.

Timeless Forever® Infinite White is the new improved version of Timeless Tomato®


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Timeless Forever® Infinite White

The Modern beauty supplement. Fair and glowing skin, photo-protecting and optimal health.

Following the immense popularity of their core product, Timeless Tomato®. G.K Laboratory (Asia) has reinvested into further rigorous research and came up with a brand-new and boosted formula, Timeless Forever® Infinite White

 Timeless Forever® Infinite White is an enhanced food supplement from 100% organic elements, a special non-GMO TIMELESS FOREVER ® White tomato powder rich in defined carotenoids, all in a trademarked blend.

Timeless Forever Infinite White

Key Ingredients:

1) Timeless Forever ® White Tomato Powder

Timeless Forever® Infinite White contains  100% non-GMO great white heirloom tomato powder that is rich in phytoene and also phytofluene (colourless carotenoids), that offers you with the following capacities:

*– Repels UVA/UVB radiations;

*– Shields cells and tissues from oxidative cytotoxicity, boosting cell feasibility back to its original undamaged levels 

*– Decrease irritation and prevents skin issues flaring up 

*– highest antioxidant qualities of all carotenoids supplements in the market.

2) SkinAx ™

Timeless Forever® Infinite White

A dietary anti-ageing formula incorporating main and sub-anti-oxidants, with medical proof to regulate melanin synthesis, keep skin suppleness as well as boost microcirculation. Contain the following ingredients:

A) Grape Seed Extract.

*– Powerful antioxidant capabilities.

*– Lightening of Skin Pigmentation and discolouration 

*– Maintains Collagen Fibres, prevent them from collapsing 

B) Melon Concentrate.

*– Rich in Superoxide dismutase (SOD).

*– Enhanced skin tone and texture, prevent oxidation.

*– Improves skin cells microcirculation.

C) Zinc Citrate.

*– Protects skin tissues from oxidative stress.

*– Boost collagen production.

D) Vitamin C.

*– Curbs melanin production.

*– Prevents skin oxidation.

*– Promotes production of collagen fibres.

SkinAx ™ also consists of anti-inflammatory features and also powerful antioxidants. It increases the efficiency of  Timeless Forever® Infinite White which helps consumers achieve healthy, radiant, and hydrated skin.

3) O’Live Fruit Extract

A herbal extract from Olive fruit abundant in Hydroxytyrosol and also has the benefits as follows:

a)– Powerful Antioxidant.

b)– Prevents inflammation.

c)– Effectively curb the production of dark melanin as well as lighten dark melanin that is formed.

Timeless White Infinite white gives obvious results after 28 days

d)– Powerful free-radical repellent.

e)– Protects cells against oxidative damage.


4) L-Cysteine.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid found in the body’s proteins with the following benefits:

a)– Promotes the buildup of Pheomelanin (pink to brown) instead of Eumelanin (dark), giving the complexion a lighter rosier tone.

b)– It possesses high antioxidant characteristics.

c)- Significantly boost Glutathione production. Glutathione is famous as the “Mother of all Antioxidants” and also a super skin-lightening agent.



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