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Many skin care products and supplements are now made of placenta, be it animal or plant placenta. Jyunka Cell Essence hasJyunka Cell Essence Capsule the purest essences of sheep placenta concentrate with Collaglaxan.  So what is sheep placenta and what are the benefits of sheep placenta?

For the purpose of anti-aging, sheep placenta is used in cellular therapy that has long term effects, because it stimulates the body to repair damaged cells. It is especially effective in promoting normal growth, rejuvenating inactive stem cells and quickening the process of muscle repair, collagen, bone between the joints and nervous tissue composition by creating new synapses and loose connective tissue that has to become a more unied whole.

Beauty Benefits of Sheep Placenta

Some of the beauty benefits are to promote the process of skin renewal, to increases skin elasticity and reduce sagging with better skin hydration and reduction of lines and wrinkles  You will notice that the results create a translucent and even-toned complexion, reducing the appearance of scars and lightens the appearance of pigmentation, dark spots and freckles. With regular consumption and absorption of the cell essence, your natural sebum production will be regulated, tightening open pores and strengthening nails and follicles. More importantly, it contributes to body firming and burning of excess body fats.

Health Benefits of Sheep Placenta

Sheep placenta is also a powerful antioxidant, increasing the levels of serotonin in your body, thereby increasing positive moods. It can also rejuvenate organs such as the kidneys, liver and pancreas, help prevent heart disease, · improve blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and decreases the risk of heart related disease. Regular consumption of sheep placenta also promotes cellular regeneration, boosting your immune system. For people who exercise regularly, it will increase stamina, energy levels and vitality. As for women, the benefits include helping to regulate menstrual cycle and eases menstrual pain. It will also delay menopause and alleviates menopausal syndrome, draining the body of impurities and toxin.

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