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Singapore Home Skin Care

Our skin care blog will give you regular skin care tips. With a hectic working life, many times we do not have the time to schedule a facial session. To save time while taking care of your skin, you can do a home facial using a bio therapeutic bt-micro device. This is the latest technology that combines ultrasonic peeling with micro-current product penetration capabilities. The device works with high-speed oscillations of a flat metal peeling probe and a water based skin cleanser or exfoliating cream. Natural exfoliation process of your skin is enhanced when you use the device. Upward, peeling motions are used to apply the device and the exfoliation process should take between four to six minutes. After you have used the device, you will get clear, smooth skin with less chance of getting acne.
Skin care tips Home Skin Treatment Another one of our home skin Care tips is to use Jyunka skin care products. The benefit of using these products includes protecting your skin from damage due to free radicals. The elasticity and firmness of your skin is increased, giving you a taut, lifted appearance. Lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced and dry or irritated skin can get relief. The product has skin lightening effects, reducing blemishes as well as hyper pigmentation. Puffiness around your eyes and dark circles can also be reduced. The product is also good because it promotes collagen production while your immune system can be strengthened.
The overproduction of oil is reduced, assisting to clear blemishes and acne. The glow and radiance of your skin can also be restored. Jyunka products are wonderful because they can strengthen your blood capillaries. The product can also repair scars and heal wounds. Sun damaged skin can be repaired and the products can also help to reduce the size of your pores. If your face is congested with blackheads and pigmentations, Jyunka products are highly recommended. You can have a radiant glow on your face and the products nourish and hydrate your skin. The great thing is that you can find these wonderful products at affordable prices.  Call us today for a free trial!