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There are as many vitamins as there are alphabets in the English language. Some, among them, love your skin a little more than others. Vitamin C and E serums are the undisputed winners when providing antioxidant care with your skin needs!
Vitamin C and E are the superpowers vitamins for skin Read on to know everything about these super vitamins.

Vitamin C: The answer to all your skin problems

 Vitamin C has attained a cult status of its own when it comes to vitamins that benefit your skin. You name a skincare issue, and there is a product with vitamin C as its key ingredient to treat it. From fighting premature signs of ageing, acne scars to brightening up the complexion and general dullness, there’s nothing that vitamin C can’t do. 
 Antioxidant properties: Like vitamin E, its cousin vitamin C is rated very high when it comes to protecting your face from free radicals and signs of premature ageing.
 Hyperpigmentation: Vitamin C works wonders when it comes to treating discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Topical application of vitamin C acts in a way that substantially reduces the formation of melanin, thereby being an effective cure for complexion-related issues. 
 Healing properties: Vitamin C expedites wound healing, calms your sun-burnt skin, and soothes redness.
 Although vitamin C is suitable for all skin types, people with sensitive skin may be allergic to it. It is thus recommended that you consult your dermatologist before applying it topically.

   Vitamin E: The wonder vitamin for your skin

 Be it skin restoration or repair, vitamin E is the go-to ingredient for dermatologists and beauty enthusiasts. When applied topically, it addresses a host of skincare issues.
Anti-ageing: Free radicals are enemy number one when it comes to accelerating your ageing process. External stresses like UV rays, air pollution, and smoke produce free radicals when your skin is exposed to them. As a result, the building block of your skin, collagen, gets damaged, giving way to premature ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E acts as an excellent anti-ageing ingredient by neutralizing the harmful effects of these free radicals and protecting your skin from its very depths. 
 Hydration: Vitamin E has hydrating value. Regular topical application of vitamin E strengthens your skin’s barrier function. It helps lock in the natural moisture content and hydrates your skin from inside out.
 Therapeutic value: Vitamin E is renowned for its therapeutic and emollient properties. Its anti-inflammatory qualities help heal and calm all kinds of skin irritations. 
 If you have skin that is either highly oily, super-sensitive or acne-prone, then it’s strongly suggested that you avoid topical application of vitamin E.

Vitamin E with C: The magic of the winning pair

 Both vitamin C and E serums in their rights are miracle components for your skin. However, when they come together, it’s an absolute dream team. Vitamins of both kinds counterbalance the harmful effects of free radicals but target different types of UV rays. Incorporate the vitamins C and E in your daily skincare routine, and it is quite an energy punch to the overall health of your complexion. Your skin not only gets double the ammunition to fight the free radicals, but it also gets all the benefits that each of the two vitamins is famous for too. 

Jyunka International: The anti-ageing products

 Founded in the year 2008 by Jennifer Leng, Jyunka International has quickly made its distinct mark in skincare brands’ universe. Winner of the many coveted beauty and wellness awards include; Buro Beauty Award, ELLE Beauty Treat List, Cozycot Beauty Awards, and Livewell Women Award. Jyunka International has firmly planted its feet among the who’s who of the beauty industry. 
 Jyunka understands the desire of every woman to look her best. The brand marries nature and science to provide the very best for your skin. All its products are based on three pillars – Results: Safe: Simple.
Dive in to know how these three pillars combine to offer the best of the two heavyweights of the world of topical vitamins: Vitamin C and vitamin E
Best form of Vitamin C is Mfluid by JYUNKA. Best price at Singapore Home skin care.

 M + Fluid: Magic happens when the confluence of science and nature takes place. This magic has a name now- M+Fluid. This multi-award-winning Miracle Fluid personifies the essence of everything pure. The nanocapsules of pure vitamin C reach the muscular level and nourish your skin daily. They work round the clock to ensure that the production of the right things -elastin and collagen, is increased to keep you looking young. In addition, M+ Fluid has immense restorative and therapeutic value.

Jyunka-Vitamin-E-concentrate cheapest at Singapore Home skin care.

Vitamin E Concentrate: Give your skin a radiance that you had always wanted with JK Pure E Concentrate. It combines the power of vitamin E is paired with a host of other equally beneficial ingredients to provide a product that will elevate your skincare experience a few notches up. It contains the goodness of apricot kernels. These kernels are loaded with vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, mirroring the natural sebum production of your body. It looks after the overall wellbeing of your skin, gives your skin an unmistakable glow, makes it soft as silk and blemish-free. 

Use the M+ Fluid with the Vitamin E Concentrate for the maximum benefit to your skin. Vitamin C and E serums combined are a formidable force to combat the damage done by UV rays and all other signs of early ageing.  Singapore Home Skin Care recommends that at the end of the day on a freshly cleansed face, apply a toner, follow by Mfluid and then Vitamin E concentrate. Seal it with a night cream. 
 Contrary to the popular notion, beauty isn’t skin deep. It’s all about nourishing your skin from inside to look fabulous outside. Vitamins are nature’s gift to supply the much-needed micronutrients to your body. Skincare routine would never be the same when you include the powerhouse vitamins in your routine.