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Why More Prefer To Buy Best Skincare in Singapore Online

More and more people choose to buy the best skincare in Singapore online, with covid-19 restrictions in place more people are avoiding the crowded stores. It is a fact that cosmetic sales have gone down since masking is compulsory, Skincare sales have gone quite the opposite direction. There is more awareness that taking care of the skin is more than just vanity; using excellent and effective skincare products means taking care of the biggest organ on the human body. Skin is very much part of our general health. Good skincare habits also ensure clear, glowing health skin, in turn, requires fewer coverups by cosmetics.

The six reasons why online skincare shopping is HOT!

Better selection Better hours

It is much lesser work for the legs to shop for best skincare in Singapore online. Compared to walking around counters in stores, it is much more relaxing to research all the products you are interested in. At the same time, departmental stores stocks more of the mainstream brands, many salon professional and niche brands are not sold in departmental stores. The online store opens you to many more exciting brands from many countries, which will widen your chances of finding new products and some stuff you have not heard before. Online stores also replenish their stocks faster than the physical store. Sometimes, if you need to find that time to run to the store with limited opening times, often procrastinate till bottle drips no more. It might work better for many to shop in the comfort of your home or bed after the kids went to bed. At Singapore home skincare, we deliver your purchase within two days.

Lower prices and Promotions

There is no guessing why online stores sell the products MUCH CHEAPER than actual stores. Number 1 big business expense in Singapore is rental followed by employee salaries. It is also difficult to train and maintain quality employees to serve customers in physical stores. Cutting the main two expenses allows online stores to sell products cheaper and still keep the business afloat. We were often asked if the products online are “authentic”, of course, they are!! Please do not forget there is also a cost to produce fake products, so unless the brand you are looking at is costly and yet very high volume, it makes no sense to produce counterfeit skincare products.

No Pressure to purchase

We are sure it happens all the time, you might be just browsing, and the counter salesperson appears and explains non stop to you about the product, worse if it is a beauty salon and the beautician is someone who has served you a long time. How do you say no, especially if you value relationships? There is no such issue with online shopping; customers can text us, ask all the product questions or even arrange an online skin consultation to discover their skin type and best care. They can think through and order the products online. There is no pressure. You buy a product because you want to and not because you are obligated.

Know the Ingredients

The ingredients list can be critical to people with reactive and sensitive skin, which is detrimental to psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea conditions. There is just no room and time-space for the shopper to look through the fine print on the product’s boxes, with various ingredients’ technical names. Online stores usually list all the products ingredients on the page, if you are not sure about any particular component, you can always run a google search or check with your doctor if needed. That will greatly reduce the chances of ‘mistake’ purchases as once the product is opened, there is no exchange or refunds.

Read Product Reviews

How do you know if a product is really popular? It is almost impossible to find a fair review of the products. You can do all the research on reviews online and gauge the popularity and the results from using the product. Read and find out the hits and misses of the product. However, you have to know what suits others may not suit you, so more research is always better.


Privacy the most important benefit of buying the best skincare in Singapore online. Asking about products and discussing a personal skin condition in the public can make some people very uncomfortable. Buying skin care products online saves you from unnecessary attention. It is also nobody’s else business that your face serum cost more than two hundred dollars and you prefer to invest in placenta supplements than branded bags! At Singapore home skincare, we have live chats and we can answer all your product questions online, or on WhatsApp. You can take care of yourself and your skincare needs with total confidence and privacy.
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